Software-Defined Perimeter

The zero-trust alternative to VPN for secure remote access to any application, anywhere.

Zero-Trust NaaS™

Quickly provide secure remote access for employees, contractors and partners to applications in the data center and the cloud. Leveraging a cloud-native global backbone, Meta NaaS makes it simple to deliver zero-trust access along with a great experience.

Secure Remote Access Solutions

Give employees, contractors, partners and customers zero-trust access to applications in the data center and the cloud, along with cloud-delivered internet security.

It's Time for a Software-Defined Perimeter

As applications move to the cloud and workers are increasingly mobile, IT needs a better approach to providing secure application access than the conventional, site-centric VPN. Today we’re moving the perimeter to the user, and delivering network security from the cloud.


  • Via
  • Allot
  • Dynamic Yield
  • Sapiens
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