Dynamic Yield Deploys Meta NaaS Software-Defined Perimeter for Secure Network Access with Customers

Dynamic Yield Deploys Meta NaaS Software-Defined Perimeter for Secure Network Access with Customers

By Meta Networks, 08/15/2018


Developer of AI-Powered Omnichannel Personalization Engine Selects Meta Networks to Enable Experience Delivery for Brands

PALO ALTO., August 15, 2018 – Meta Networks Ltd., the technology leader in software defined perimeter (SDP) solutions for secure remote access, today announced that Dynamic Yield has deployed its Meta NaaS Network-as-a-Service to simplify and secure network access for its employees and customers. Personalizing experiences for more than 600 million users each month for its 200+ brands, Dynamic Yield has chosen the Meta NaaS platform for customer site connectivity when developing customized marketing solutions to grow client revenues.


Dynamic Yield’s advanced customer segmentation engine identifies and targets high-value customers based on geolocation, past behavior, customer journey phase, and more. The company’s customers use its technology to enhance the user experience of website visitors and to display personalized offers based on the geographical location of the visitor. Dynamic Yield’s IT team was in need of an easy way to demonstrate the platform’s geolocation personalization capabilities to existing and prospective customers and selected Meta Networks for its API suite to build a smart system for accessing customer environments.


With the implementation of Meta NaaS, Dynamic Yield’s customer success team is capable of securely accessing customer locations remotely as a result of Meta Networks’ zero-trust topology. Connectivity is achieved through policy-based, micro-segmented access for each user-device, allowing fine-grained access and control. Meta Networks’ fast, simple access to customer sites allows Dynamic Yield to easily demonstrate geolocation functionality using an intuitive user interface to help customers better understand the solution before purchasing. Meta NaaS accomplishes this with very little configuration and maintenance, reducing human capital requirements and lowering the costs of secure remote access.


“Meta Networks enabled us to set up a smart system for connecting our customer success teams to our customers’ data in a secure, easy to use, and extremely flexible way,” Ramon Snir, Senior Developer at Dynamic Yield. “Thanks to the powerful APIs, we can automate our workflows and provide a very simple control interface for our global customer success team.”


Meta NaaS is Meta Networks’ flagship network and security platform, which is delivered as a service to connect people, applications, clouds, and sites within a software-defined perimeter. The solution replaces conventional, site-centric Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) with a flexible platform that provides always-on security for the enterprise and its employees, whether accessing private resources or the Internet.


“We’re excited to have Dynamic Yield among our customer ranks, as they are truly benefitting from the Meta NaaS zero-trust paradigm,” said Etay Bogner, CEO and Founder of Meta Networks. “With a cloud-native global backbone and comprehensive, identity-based network security architecture, Meta NaaS can be applied to a broad range of applications requiring secure remote access as demonstrated in this unique use case with Dynamic Yield.”


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