Meta Networks Delivers Zero-Trust SDP to Ride-Sharing Platform Provider, Via Transportation, Inc

Meta Networks Delivers Zero-Trust SDP to Ride-Sharing Platform Provider, Via Transportation, Inc

By Meta Networks, 11/06/2018


New York-Based Ride Share Innovator Ensures Secure Remote Access to Applications and Data

PALO ALTO, November 6, 2018 – Meta Networks Ltd., the technology leader in software defined perimeter (SDP) solutions for secure remote access, today announced that the world’s leading developer of dynamic ride sharing technology, Via Transportation, Inc., has selected and deployed the Meta NaaS® Zero-Trust Network-as-a-Service to support its widely distributed workforce.


Via is a New York-based company that is changing the way people get around cities using its ride sharing platform. The company’s technology is deployed worldwide through partner projects with public transportation agencies, private transit operators, taxi fleets, private companies, and universities, seamlessly integrating with public transit infrastructure to provide cutting edge on-demand mobility. Via’s mobile app is its unique selling proposition which connects multiple passengers who are headed the same way, allowing riders to seamlessly share a premium vehicle.


As technology leadership requires innovation at multiple levels, Via is taking the same approach to IT as it does for its advanced ride sharing platform and service. The organization has built its IT infrastructure entirely in the cloud to support a widely distributed workforce, which includes developers, DevOps professionals, data analysts, sales representatives, customer support staff, and quality assurance experts. Via required a solution that was more granular, provided zero-trust security, and could scale to support rapid expansion. After careful consideration, Via selected Meta NaaS (Network-as-a-Service) as its secure platform for managing network access.


Meta NaaS provides a secure, convenient user experience for Via. Once connected, employees work normally using any type of desktop or web-based application with the confidence that all network traffic is secure. From an administrative perspective, the solution simplifies the onboarding of new users and assigns granular access policies depending on their role. The software-defined perimeter solution provides monitored and tracked zero-trust access to the network, meaning that once an individual connects, they can only gain access to the applications and network resources within their policy constraints – everything else is invisible.


“With Meta NaaS we are centrally managing a zero-trust network that covers all of our applications and data. We’re growing quickly and the solution is robust and flexible enough to grow with us. It is easy to onboard new users that require access while assuring the granular security we need,” said Amir Mehler, Cross-Tech Technical Lead, Via Transportation, Inc.


By adopting Meta’s cloud-native network, Via is enjoying many advantages in the areas of security and simplified network management. The company’s network is protected by a software-defined perimeter per-user that is dynamically enforced, verified and logged. Policies effectively restrict access for employees, contractors and customers to their specific resource needs. Onboarding is simple and can be completed within minutes. As a result of deploying Meta NaaS, Via has improved the efficiency of its team, which not only enhances user productivity, but reduces management and IT resource requirements as well.


“VPN management complexities are increasingly difficult for administrators to oversee because of issues with configuration and syncing policies across multiple locations in addition to well-known performance and security challenges,” said Etay Bogner, CEO and Co-Founder, Meta Networks. “Via’s move to Meta Networks is providing a much more secure framework by assigning network connections between each user and only the specific resources they need to access. In addition to a more secure zero-trust approach to network access, Via also benefits from greater oversight and administrative simplicity.”


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