Meta Networks Recognized by 451 Research for Zero-Trust Software Defined Perimeter

Meta Networks Recognized by 451 Research for Zero-Trust Software Defined Perimeter

By Meta Networks, 04/16/2019


Leading IT Research Firm Highlights Meta NaaS, Zero-Trust Software Defined Perimeter as Secure Alternative to Traditional VPNs


PALO ALTO, April 16, 2019Meta Networks Ltd., the technology leader in Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions for secure remote access, today announced that the company has been acknowledged by 451 Research in a new Impact Report titled, “Meta Networks Addresses Zero Trust with Cloud-Based SDP Offering.” In the report, the company’s Meta Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) zero-trust SDP was recognized for its ability to effectively address the new zero trust movement as an alternative to traditional VPNs for secure and efficient remote user access to business applications and data.


The 2019 report examines in detail the features and benefits of Meta NaaS (Network-as-a-Service), with which enterprises can rapidly provide secure remote access to corporate applications and the Internet for employees, contractors, and partners. Meta NaaS implements the principles of an SDP to ensure zero-trust, identity-based access. The solution leverages a cloud-native global backbone in order to deliver an intuitive user experience and always-on security. Because Meta NaaS is fast and easy to deploy and manage even in complex hybrid environments, it empowers IT to significantly reduce the network attack surface.


According to the report, the industry has seen the rise of a new conceptual framework in which a hardware-based perimeter is ultimately being replaced by a new model: the Software Defined Perimeter. Access to corporate resources under the SDP model is based more on “who you are and what you are allowed to do based on your role and other contextual attributes,” as the report states, rather than being based primarily on where an employee, contractor, or partner is located. The report explains that by using an SDP solution that relies on a virtual cloud-based and identity-based network, Meta Networks addresses the new zero trust movement in unique ways, offering a compelling alternative to traditional VPNs for accessing applications.


“Compared with earlier hardware-based attempts at SDP, Meta’s cloud-based approach allows for remote access to be set up quickly and without up-front hardware deployments,” states Garett Bekker, Principal Security Analyst for 451 Research. “The company also offers both agent and agentless endpoint device options that can address most end-user needs and application types. Serving as a VPN alternative remains the single most obvious use case for SDP-like approaches, and will likely be the biggest initial opportunity for Meta Networks.”


In the report, Bekker also emphasizes that while most other cloud-based SDP vendors use their cloud as a proxy, Meta has a “key difference”: “Meta’s cloud functions as a network and provides air-gapped, micro-segmented access to applications. Meta does not require any on-premises hardware and all access policies; load balancing and other features reside in the cloud.”


The resulting benefits for businesses that rely on the Meta NaaS zero-trust SDP include improved access to IT resources, strengthened security, and reduced risk. Enterprises using Meta NaaS can also benefit from cloud agility and employee mobility, with fast and reliable network access to applications in the data center and the cloud.


“Perimeter-based VPNs have been the default option for many organizations, but today’s IT landscape requires a shift to a remote access solution that’s not only more secure, but easier to use and more scalable,” said Etay Bogner, co-founder and CEO of Meta Networks. “We’re very excited and gratified that 451 Research has highlighted our unique differentiation among others in the SDP category. Our reliable network access—paired with a simple and effective zero-trust model—are the very reasons that a growing number of businesses and governmental organizations are choosing the Meta NaaS zero-trust SDP.”


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