Meta Networks to Present Five Reasons to Switch from a VPN to a Zero-Trust Software Defined Perimeter at RSA

Meta Networks to Present Five Reasons to Switch from a VPN to a Zero-Trust Software Defined Perimeter at RSA

By Meta Networks, 03/05/2019


Cybersecurity Excellence Award-Winning SDP Platform Delivers Always-on Network Access with Greater Security than Corporate VPNs


SAN FRANCISCO., March 6, 2019Meta Networks Ltd., the technology leader in Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions for secure remote access, today announced that Micha Rave, vice president of products, will present at the 2019 RSA Conference on the security advantages of SDPs over corporate VPNs. The presentation titled, “SDP vs. VPN: Five Reasons to Make the Switch” will take place on Wednesday, March 6th at 12:30 pm Pacific in the Early Stage Expo at the Marriott Marquis. During the event, the company will also showcase its enhanced Zero-Trust Software Defined Perimeter publicly for the first time in kiosk 48, also at the Early Stage Expo.


The Meta Networks’ Zero-Trust SDP platform is designed to support medium and large enterprise organizations, providing secure, cloud-based access to business applications and services from any location. The technology delivers superior business connectivity that is protected by strong user authentication and zero-trust access for all corporate applications and resources. With the new solution, authorized users are provided with policy-based access to the corporate data center, public cloud(s), SaaS solution(s), and other IT resources based on administrator-defined requirements.


During the conference, Meta Networks will showcase its most advanced SDP platform to date. The company’s next-generation SDP platform reduces unauthorized access to sensitive network resources by addressing the shortcomings of today’s network infrastructure. The cloud-native platform allows users to quickly connect to locally managed servers, secure cloud services and hosted applications without having to install and manage extraneous hardware or software. Some of the important new capabilities include enhanced behavioral alerts and notifications, posture checks on user devices, MetaConnect Web recording, SCIM support, direct MetaConnect access and more.


“Corporate VPNs have become problematic for the enterprise as they risk exposing sensitive resources to parties that should not have unrestrained access,” said Etay Bogner, Founder and CEO of Meta Networks. “Meta NaaS answers this with pre-approved access that empowers organizations by reducing risk while significantly improving business agility. We look forward to meeting with the attendees at RSA to detail how SDPs can benefit their organizations.”


To visit Meta Networks at RSA 2019, please visit the company in kiosk 48 in the Early Stage Expo at the Marriott Marquis. To learn more about the platform please visit




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Meta Networks is reinventing the secure enterprise network for the cloud age. As applications move to the cloud and workers are increasingly mobile, companies need a better approach to providing secure application access than the conventional, site-centric VPN. With Meta’s Network-as-a-Service, you can rapidly provide secure remote access for employees, contractors and partners to corporate applications and the internet. Meta NaaS implements the principles of a software-defined perimeter to ensure zero-trust, identity-based access. Leveraging a cloud-native global backbone, Meta NaaS delivers a great user experience along with always-on security. Meta NaaS is fast and simple to deploy and manage, even in complex, hybrid environments – enabling IT to significantly reduce the network attack surface. With employees working from insecure locations, and contractors and partners using unmanaged devices, it’s more important than ever to secure, control and audit application access. With Meta NaaS, businesses can enjoy the benefits of cloud agility and employee mobility, along with zero-trust security.  Learn more at



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