Meta NaaS

Use Meta's Network-as-a-Service to rapidly connect people, applications, clouds and sites, and secure them with a software-defined perimeter. As the first user-centric network and security platform, the Meta NaaS leverages a dense, cloud-native global backbone to deliver always-on security and the high-performance, anytime/anywhere connectivity that employees have come to expect. Whether you are a cloud-native organization or taking your first steps into cloud-based networking, the Meta NaaS provides the security, flexibility and user experience you need.

Re-architecting the Secure Network for the Cloud Age

Re-architecting the Secure Network for the Cloud Age
  • Global backbone
  • Identity-based policy routing
  • Always-on security for managed devices
  • Client-free connectivity for unmanaged devices
  • Cloud-delivered security stack
  • Unified policy management
  • Visibility, auditing & compliance

How it Works

Meta NaaS is a user-centric networking solution that addresses the fragmentation and complexity of today’s WAN. With the Meta NaaS, onboard every employee device (as well as sites, data centers and clouds) to a world-wide virtual overlay network. All traffic is secured: internal traffic is protected by a software-defined perimeter, and internet traffic is protected by the security stack of your choice. By abstracting the physical topology into a flat, logical network, the Meta NaaS enables policy-based management of users and resources. The Meta NaaS leverages the latest in cloud-scale technology to reduce latency and ensure the best possible user experience for your employees.

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Managed Devices - Secure Corporate Access & Internet Access

Unmanaged Devices - Browser-based Corporate Access, No Client

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  • Zero-Trust Access

    Zero-Trust Access

  • Cloud-Native User Experience

    Cloud-Native User Experience

  • Identity-Based Network

    Identity-Based Network

  • Best-of-Breed Internet Security

    Best-of-Breed Internet Security


  • Global Network Backbone

    Global Network Backbone

    Designed to support millions of concurrent users, our cloud-native, encrypted, global backbone features a dense network of PoPs to reduce last-mile latency and optimize routing. There are two ways to connect - with a client or with a browser.

  • Identity-Based Policy

    Identity-Based Policy

    Simple, SaaS policy management is based on users and resources, but gives you the flexibility to specify subnets and ports as well. Each network entity has a unique, permanent identity.

  • Software-Defined Perimeter

    Software-Defined Perimeter

    Use policies to define secure enclaves of users, applications, or clouds that are isolated from the internet and the rest of the organization. Packet-level authentication, authorization and verification are built into Meta NaaS.

  • Best of Breed Internet Security

    Best of Breed Internet Security

    Using patent-pending “split tunneling in the cloud” the NaaS turns your corporate network into a secure enclave and at the same time directs internet traffic through the security stack of your choice to provide complete protection.

  • Auditing and Analytics

    Auditing and Analytics

    Since user/device identity is permanent and embedded at the packet level, all network traffic is fully attributed and auditable. Integrated analytics support anomaly detection and compliance.

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