Why is it Time for a Software-Defined Perimeter?

Once upon a time, we all worked at an office. The applications and data we needed were stored nearby. The security perimeter made sense, and it usually worked. Of course times have changed. We’re working from everywhere and our applications are rapidly migrating to the cloud. Yet despite these shifts, our network and security perimeter are still organized around the physical topology of offices and data centers.

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    It’s time for a user-centric approach to networking and security

    Instead of connecting users to sites, we connect them to our global cloud network. And instead of securing a physical perimeter, we create a software defined perimeter (SDP) for each user. Meta NaaS is logical and zero-trust - no more “trusted” zones or subnets. Policies abstract the physical topology and deal with users and resources. It’s global, with a dense network of PoPs, since your employees are located all over the world. All user traffic - both private and internet, flows through our network, where it’s secured. Each user has a packet-level, fixed identity regardless of where they are connecting, and all traffic is.For us, users aren’t an afterthought. Meta NaaS was designed to provide an exceptional user experience. Our scaled-out, cloud-native completely software-defined network assures low latency and is designed to support millions of concurrent users.

    How it Works

    Managed Devices - Secure Corporate Access & Internet Access

    Unmanaged Devices - Browser-based Corporate Access, No Client

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    • Zero-Trust Network

      Zero-Trust Network

    • User-Centric Perimeter

      User-Centric Perimeter

    • Cloud-Native Performance

      Cloud-Native Performance

    • Best-of-Breed Security

      Best-of-Breed Security

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      See how SDP can make access simple, transparent and secure.