Zero-Trust Network

NaaS: Zero-Trust by Design

According to Forrester Research, the realization of Zero-Trust is a combination of network microsegmentation and next-generation access. Meta NaaS implements these concepts with a world-wide virtual overlay network that transforms the physical topology into a logical topology where all network resources and user devices are isolated from and invisible to each other and the outside world. Whitelist access policies explicitly define the network resources that users can see once they are authenticated and verified. To control access, users connect to Meta NaaS either through a client or a browser. User identity is authenticated using a variety of primary and secondary factors such as certificates, SSO, authenticators, and SMS second factors. Identity is embedded at the packet level, to enable continuous verification and a comprehensive audit trail.

NaaS: Zero-Trust by Design

Once data centers, clouds, and branches are onboarded to the NaaS, policies define what is visible to authenticated users.

  • Software-Defined Perimeter Per User

    Software-Defined Perimeter Per User

    With Meta NaaS there are no “trusted” zones and subnets. Regardless of where they are located, users are granted micro-segmented access to applications by policy, and everything else is isolated from the user and the potential dangers of the internet.

  • Packet-Level Identity

    Packet-Level Identity

    Meta NaaS verifies the fixed, unique identity of each user for every single packet, enabling a comprehensive, non-repudiable audit log with complete visibility into all network access.

  • Always-On Security

    Always-On Security

    Meta NaaS delivers always-on network security solution for employees that includes both a software-defined perimeter for corporate assets and a cloud-delivered network security stack for internet access. Choose solutions from leading industry partners.

  • Global Network Backbone

    Global Network Backbone

    Designed to support millions of concurrent users, the cloud-native, encrypted overlay network features a constantly growing number of PoPs to reduce last-mile latency and optimize routing.

  • Auditing and Analytics

    Auditing and Analytics

    Since user/device identity is permanent and embedded at the packet level, all network traffic is fully attributed and auditable. Integrated analytics support anomaly detection and compliance.

  • “Meta Networks enabled us to set up a smart system for connecting our sales teams to our customers' data in a secure, easy to use, and extremely flexible way. Thanks to the powerful APIs, we could automate our workflows and provide a very simple interface for our global sales team.” Ramon Snir, Senior Developer

  • “Compared to managing VPNs in each of our data centers, the Meta NaaS solution is much simpler and more convenient both for both our IT team and for our users.” Moshe Magal, IT team leader

  • “Previously we limited access to our AWS-based applications because we were concerned about the risks inherent with VPCs. With Meta’s SDP solution, we could provide access to the application and keep the rest of the VPC isolated, ensuring the proper level of protection for our applications. It was quick and easy to onboard.” James Rutt, CIO

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