Cloud-Delivered Network Security

Cloud-Delivered Security Solutions

Provide an always-on network security solution for employees that includes a software-defined perimeter for corporate assets and a cloud-delivered network security stack for internet access. Choose solutions from leading industry partners.

Cloud-Delivered Security Solutions

Employee A has always-on protection including secure remote access to an application in the data center and internet security. Employee B has secure browser-based access to an application in the cloud.

  • Choose the Solutions You Prefer, from Your Vendor of Choice

    Choose the Solutions You Prefer, from Your Vendor of Choice

    Cloud-delivered security does not have to tie you down to one vendor. With the Meta NaaS, choose DNS filtering, Secure Web Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, and Network Access Control solutions from any one of our growing list of partners. You are never locked in, you can switch solutions at will.

  • Built-in DNS Security

    Built-in DNS Security

    Meta NaaS includes DNS security as an integral part of the platform. All internet-bound traffic is screened and malicious domains are blocked. DNS security prevents malware and botnets from calling home, eliminates many phishing attacks, and optionally blocks access to offensive content.

  • Low-Touch Provisioning and Management

    Low-Touch Provisioning and Management

    The Meta NaaS makes it easier than ever to provision cloud-delivered security solutions by simply adding them to user policies. Meta NaaS moves the intelligence from the device to the cloud, so there’s no need to install, update, configure and maintain multiple agents, certificates and PAC files.

  • Cloud Scale

    Cloud Scale

    With service-chaining over a cloud-native overlay network, the Meta NaaS optimizes the delivery and performance of cloud-based security products for a better user experience.

  • “Meta Networks enabled us to set up a smart system for connecting our sales teams to our customers' data in a secure, easy to use, and extremely flexible way. Thanks to the powerful APIs, we could automate our workflows and provide a very simple interface for our global sales team.” Ramon Snir, Senior Developer

  • “Compared to managing VPNs in each of our data centers, the Meta NaaS solution is much simpler and more convenient both for both our IT team and for our users.” Moshe Magal, IT team leader

  • “Previously we limited access to our AWS-based applications because we were concerned about the risks inherent with VPCs. With Meta’s SDP solution, we could provide access to the application and keep the rest of the VPC isolated, ensuring the proper level of protection for our applications. It was quick and easy to onboard.” James Rutt, CIO

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