Multi Cloud Connectivity and Security

Connect Hybrid Clouds and Multiple Cloud Providers

Eliminate the complexity, high maintenance and poor user experience involved in connecting to multiple cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle and others. Meta NaaS lets you easily set up large-scale, cross-cloud connections that are easy to maintain, easy to use and offer the highest standards of security. Provide users with microsegmented access to hundreds of VPCs, Vnets and other clouds; automate cloud-to-cloud connectivity; or enable hybrid cloud networking between on-premise servers and public clouds.

Connect Hybrid Clouds and Multiple Cloud Providers

Create hybrid cloud and multi-cloud networks and enable policy-based secure access by onboarding all network elements to Meta NaaS.

Multi Cloud Connectivity and Security Resources

  • Single Connection - Multiple Cloud Access

    Single Connection - Multiple Cloud Access

    Users connect to Meta NaaS once (using the Meta Networks client or a browser-based connection), after which they can access one or more clouds, data centers and even branches, based on policy.

  • Granular, Policy-Based Security

    Granular, Policy-Based Security

    Define granular, identity-based access policies for applications, services or subnets within each cloud. All access is logged and includes a fixed, user-device identity for comprehensive analytics and auditing.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    Enhanced User Experience

    Users experience faster cloud access by connecting to Meta NaaS at the nearest PoP. Routing is optimized and routed to the PoP nearest the destination, ensuring the fastest route and reducing latency.

  • API-Driven Automation

    API-Driven Automation

    Using our API, DevOps and DevSecOps can orchestrate and automate any cloud-related network workflow - from policy definitions, through dynamic access assignments, egress rules and more.

  • “Meta Networks enabled us to set up a smart system for connecting our sales teams to our customers' data in a secure, easy to use, and extremely flexible way. Thanks to the powerful APIs, we could automate our workflows and provide a very simple interface for our global sales team.” Ramon Snir, Senior Developer, Dynamic Yield

  • With Meta NaaS, we are centrally managing a zero-trust network that covers all of our applications and data, and our employees, contractors and customers. We’re growing quickly and the solution is robust and flexible enough to grow with us - it’s easy to onboard new customers and assure the granular security that we need.” Amir Mehler, Cross-Tech TL, Via Transportation, Inc.

  • “Compared to managing VPNs in each of our data centers, the Meta NaaS solution is much simpler and more convenient both for both our IT team and for our users.” Moshe Magal, IT Team Leader, MyHeritage

  • “Previously we limited access to our AWS-based applications because we were concerned about the risks inherent with VPCs. With Meta’s SDP solution, we could provide access to the application and keep the rest of the VPC isolated, ensuring the proper level of protection for our applications. It was quick and easy to onboard.” James Rutt, CIO, Dana Foundation

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